We’re going on month 6 of quarantine and social distancing, and many people are starting to find their groove. Whether that’s getting used to working from home or using all this newfound free time to start new projects, we’re all figuring out how to keep going when it feels like the whole world has stopped. As we continue to adjust to our new normal, here is something to keep in mind: don’t force yourself to create.

When it comes to music, it can be tempting to put yourself on a strict schedule; you want to spend ‘X’ amount of hours writing or ‘Y’ number of days working on a demo because you want to get things done! However, if you adhere to too-strict a schedule, the music you make will stop sounding authentic.

When you create on a time crunch, you’re making music out of the simple desire to meet a deadline. The songs are no longer about your feelings or your skill, and your listeners will pick up on the fact that there is something missing. You will also be focusing on checking off boxes and crossing things off lists instead of making something truly great. This could cause you to miss out on some of your best ideas because, instead of taking the time to work with an idea, you’re hurrying to get it finished so you’ll be on schedule.

Being stuck inside can give you the mindset that you need to be using every hour of the day, but when you start being productive just for the sake of productivity, the creative spark goes missing.

Don’t be afraid to step away from what you’re working on and take a break. You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to continue working. The time away can clear your head and maybe even give you some great ideas!

by India McCarty

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