Thank you! Bandtwango is grateful to all of you for contributing to our very first campaign and making it such a huge success! With your help, the Nashville duo Hadley Park was able to fund their new EP project and more, surpassing their goal and reaching an incredible 122%!!

The campaign continues! You can pre-order the EP right through the date of its release!
CLICK HERE and choose LEVEL 3 “The New School” to participate!



Now that we have successfully beta-tested our platform with the Hadley Park campaign, we are gearing up to officially launch Bandtwango this summer! We will be working with some very high profile artists, helping them to navigate the ever-changing music business and reimagine their careers through our curated fan-funded approach.

At every level of their careers – from discovery and emerging acts, to the many heritage artists who built the foundation of Country Music – we want Bandtwango to be a nurturing and creative force for music makers.

Partnering with the FANS, Bandtwango will raise money for new projects, help organize speciality tours and, if there is a special cause needing attention, our special projects division will be there to help!

This is a new beginning for artists, with a brand-new platform to help them get lift-off! We at Bandtwango look forward to partnering with artists and with you – the fans – to launch many more successful campaigns to come!