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It’s easy to contribute to your favorite singer-songwriter, duo or band on Bandtwango.

Music lovers supporting Music makers!

Step One

To get started, check out the artists who have current projects and click on the photo of the one you would like to support!
Each level has a minimum contribution, but you can contribute as much as you like.

Step Two

Choose and click on a contribution level icon – and that’s it!
Each artist offers incentives ranging from an autographed CD to an exclusive fan experience.


Grace Maher
Grace Maher
Pre-Order Grace's New EP & More!
Thank you for helping us spread the word about our music!
David Ray
David Ray
Thank you for making David Ray's New Music Campaign a huge success!

After You Make A Contribution:

  • Follow along with family and friends as your selected artist takes you behind the scenes on their journey!
  • Upon successful funding of the artist’s campaign, your incentive will be fulfilled after the artist’s project has being completed.
  • Stay tuned for new artists and new projects to support!


Music lovers supporting Music makers.

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