by India McCarty

Social media has completely changed the music industry, positively and negatively. Yes, it can be easier to connect with your audience and promote your music, but what if the things you’re posting aren’t doing their job?

It’s easy to consider everything you post on Instagram or Twitter promotion for you and your music. It’s your face and your life, so shouldn’t that work as a way to get people to listen to your music? Maybe not.

As an artist, everything you post should serve your brand/image as an artist. You want people to see you as an artist, first and foremost, and they’re not going to if the only pictures they see of you are swimsuit shots from your last vacation. You want to maintain your identity as an artist, while still posting things that make your fans and followers feel connected to you. It’s a fine line, but it’s important to pay attention to the distinction. You don’t want to fall into the “influencer” category, i.e. someone famous for their looks who also does music on the side.

By making your online profiles more about you personally instead of your music, you’re doing yourself – and your music – a disservice. New fans might not take you seriously as an artist if all they see from you is selfies. Tackling a career in the music industry is hard enough; you don’t want to handicap yourself by creating an online profile that does nothing to promote you as an artist.

Social media has made it so much easier to find new music to listen to, which is great news for you! You can find loads of new fans, while still connecting with your established fans. You can easily show the world what you’ve been working on, whether that’s a new single, a music video or an album. However, you have to make sure that the things you post jive with who you are as an artist.

Now, this doesn’t mean everything you post has to be music-related. You can still post vacation pictures and photos of your pets, but try to make your music the focal point. You want people to be a fan of your music, not your lifestyle.

So, go ahead and post on Instagram, Twitter or whatever app is popular these days! Just do your best to make sure the artist part of you is coming through, loud and clear.


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