Bandtwango is a collective of artists and fans committed to bringing creative music projects to life. We welcome and support these projects and ask you to abide by these simple rules.

  • Projects must create something to share with others.
  • Projects must be honest and clearly presented.
  • Projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts, and project creators should be honest about what they plan to accomplish.
  • Projects can’t involve prohibited items.

We also cannot allow any of the following:

  • Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, etc).
  • Offering alcohol as a reward.
  • Offering financial, money-processing, or credit services
  • Political fundraising.
  • Pornographic material.
  • Resale. All rewards must have been produced or designed by the project or one of its creators
  • Drugs, nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers and related paraphernalia.
  • Weapons, replicas of weapons, and weapon accessories.

If your project involves something illegal, heavily regulated,or potentially dangerous and it is not on this list, please contact us before starting your project.

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