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Nashville, TN

Hey everyone,

We are so excited to start our campaign with Bandtwango! We are country singing and songwriting duo Roxan. We met in in the Summer of 2017 at Tootsies Orchid Lounge where we both worked as singers.

Ivoree, being new to Nashville from Northern California, and Morgan from West Texas – we hit it off as fast friends.

When Morgan received an offer to play the Millport Music Festival in Scotland, Ivoree decided to go tag along. Long story short, we ended up singing a few songs together and people knew we had something special with our similar tones and sister like harmonies!

Soon we began writing music together and recording our first song “He Went Back To Her”. The honest lyrics come straight from the heart and is an experience we both shared. Currently we are in the studio working on our first EP – and that’s where WE NEED YOUR HELP! Recording can get super expensive, especially when you live out of a tip jar like we do! We have come up with some awesome incentives, but throw in anything you can and it will be much appreciated! We are so excited to get back in the studio and finish this EP for everyone to hear!!!

We love ya’ll thanks a ton!
Ivoree & Morgan,

To contribute:
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GIVE TO GIRL POWER – $5 or more
You’re a fan of Roxan and simply want to give to this project.($5 minimum, donate as much as you want)

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – $10 or more
A digital download of the EP before release date!

T-SHIRT, SIGNED EP & PHOTO – $30 or more
A Roxan T-Shirt, a signed hard copy of our EP and signed 8×10.

SKYPE MINI CONCERT – $40 or more
Skype mini concert with us! We will play Three of your Favorite songs by Request. And Chat it up!!

ALL THE THINGS – $100 or more
A T-shirt of your choice a Cozie, Autographed hard copy of EP and 8×10 plus a digital download of EP!

STUDIO TIME – $300 or more
Come to the studio with us! You will get to hear new music before anyone else! (For Nashville based folks)

V.I.P. GIRLS NIGHT OUT – $500 or more
Girls Girls Girls!!!!!!! A girls night out in Nashville, you and a friend come to our home and get ready with us. We will jam out to some music drink some wine and we will give you a V.I.P tour of our favorite places around Nashville!

ACOUSTIC SHOW – $2,500 or more
We’ll come to your place and play a 45 min Acoustic show! Of our originals and your favorite songs!! (More than 150 miles from Nashville, travel & lodging additional)

FULL BAND CONCERT – $5,000 or more
We will come to you and put on a full band Concert! And party with you after! (More than 150 miles from Nashville, travel & lodging additional)

Thank You

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