Morgan Johnston

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Morgan Johnston
Nashville, TN

Most of you are here because you have known me since I was fourteen years old, posting T-Swift cover videos from my iPhone 3 on Facebook when my mom was my biggest fan. Hi mom! Some of you I met through college, when we got in trouble because I was singing past curfew (I know, completely out of character for me.) Others of you have waited patiently for me to release professional quality music and are here to help me speed up the dang process (thank you). The rest of you probably don’t know me from a hole in the wall and you’re wondering how the heck your Facebook feed brought you to a page asking you for money 🙂

Whoever you are and wherever you came from…thank you for visiting this page. This journey has been all about growth for me. It’s been a process of learning who I am as a songwriter, as an artist and a person, overall. This past year in Nashville, I have completely dedicated my time and heart to writing. Writing with the big dogs, writing by myself, learning about the art and using everything in my life as a muse. I would have never thought I would be getting as much interest and positive feedback on my music and lyrics as I have, but it continues to inspire me.

I am thrilled to be a part of Bandtwango. It is so exciting and motivating to have a team of people that believe in me. Their confidence in me has pushed me to dive into the next chapter of my career. Now that I have theses resources, all I need is your support. After all of these years I can’t believe that I am finally ready to do something that I’ve been talking and dreaming about for a long time: releasing my debut EP. Thank you for helping me get here and for helping me get where I want to be. I can’t wait for you to hear this music.

To contribute:
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Helpin’ ya girl out – $5 or more
Just helpin’ ya girl out. Hand written thank you! Your support is SO appreciated! ($5 minimum, donate as much as you want)

For The Millennials – $10 or more
Add me to your playlist! Receive a digital download of the entire EP!

The John Hancock – $25 or more
Autographed hard copy of the EP or a digital download of the EP (your choice!) PLUS a 15 minute Q&A!

VIP – $50 or more
Receive an early share of the EP one week before the release date and a signed hard copy of the EP.

Oh, You Fancy – $75 or more
Receive a limited edition Morgan Johnston t-shirt and a digital download of the EP.

Let’s Get Creative – $150 or more
Tell me your story and I will write a song about it! You will receive a guitar and vocal digital copy of your song. Also, a digital download of the EP!

The Hang – $500 or more
Get a personal invite to the the EP release listening party in Nashville, TN (must be local to area or able to travel at your own expense) and have your name listed in the in the linear notes on the hard copy of the EP!

Get Out of Town!! – $1,000 or more
A kidney. Ha, kidding. Kind of. A live private show within 300 miles of Nashville, TN or Cape Cod, MA. Also receive a signed hard copy of the EP or a digital download for you and all the guests at the party!!

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