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'The Last Time' Campaign (EXTENDED)

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Maybe April
Nashville, TN

Welcome to our Bandtwango campaign!! Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about why we’re doing this. We’ve worked very hard for the past several years, since meeting at GRAMMY Camp, developing our sound and learning where we fit in the music world. We finally released an EP earlier this month, and we would love the chance to share it with the people we can’t reach on our own. With this money, we will be able to promote the EP and our single, “Last Time” through radio and streaming platforms, and film a music video to go along with it!

We have some really fun incentives for anyone who wants to join in the campaign and our journey! Make your way through the EP, as you find some of our incentives based around our song titles. Maybe you’ll be “Crazy” enough to ask us to write you a song, or find yourself in “Tennessee” walking through the streets of Nashville with us. Whatever the donation, no dollar amount goes unappreciated. We cannot express how thankful we are for the support we have received thus far, and for those of you participating in this campaign with us. This is the first time, and the “Last Time” that we’ll ask you for money (hopefully).

Alaina, Katy and Kristen







To contribute:
ON DESKTOP: click thumbnail photo on right


“LOVING YOU STILL” – $5 or more
No gift for me! I’d like my entire contribution to go towards the project. (Contribute any amount you like, $5.00 minimum)

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – $10 or more
Download a digital version of our EP. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE CAMPAIGN! Contribute to this incentive and receive a download code by email within 24 hours!!

AUTOGRAPHED EP – $25 or more
A signed CD hard copy of the EP as well as a digital download.

YOUTUBE SHOUTOUT – $30 or more
Let us shout out our appreciation to you for the world to see!

AUTOGRAPHED 8×10 – $50 or more
An Autographed 8×10 plus a signed EP and digital download.

‘MAYBE APRIL’ T-SHIRT – $75 or more
A ‘Maybe April’ T-shirt, and a signed CD hard copy of the EP as well as a digital download and 8×10.

“BLUSH” – $150 or more
Have coffee with us over Skype! (or in person if you are Nashville based)

“CRAZY” – $250 or more
Signed lyric sheet of song of your choice, plus a signed EP and 8×10

“BREAKING POINT” – $750 or more
Personalized song – we’ll write a song about you, for you, whatever you want; you pick the topic. We’ll send you a recorded demo.

MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC – $1,000 or more
An autographed Taylor GS Mini.

“LAST TIME” – $1,000 or more
You and a friend can come behind the scenes for the recording of our new video!

“TENNESSEE” – $1,500 or more
Come to Nashville, we’ll give you a tour! We’ll take you to our favorite restaurants and local spots; go to Third Man and record a song with us!

CHICAGO – $2,500 or more
Alaina’s home base – we’ll come eat deep dish pizza & Margie’s candies with you and perform a house show!

“CALIFORNIA” – $3,500 or more
We’ll come to Cali, play a house show, share a meal, and we can all write a song together! (If you’re into that kind of thing)


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