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Lacey Caroline
Nashville, TN

Hey y’all!

I’m so excited to get to announce that I have a BRAND NEW EP that is all recorded and ready to be released! I’ve worked really hard on this new music, making sure that I give y’all the BEST quality and material possible!

Recording the songs was something I worked very hard to accomplish out of my own pocket. I saved for a year to make sure I had the funds to pay the studio engineer, the musicians, the producer, and all of the other people involved in making my music come to life!

The challenge I’m facing now is promoting and marketing my new EP.

Promotion and marketing can be “make or break” when it comes to releasing new music. It helps get your songs out to as many new ears as possible, and it can really skyrocket an artist to a new level in their career. But of course, it doesn’t come without a fee.

Public relations consultants, marketing expenses, and even things like making music videos, all cost as much as making the music on the CD (if not more). To give you an idea, one music video (on a lower end budget) can cost at least $3,000-$5,000 when it’s all said and done.

That is why I’m excited to team up with Bandtwango to do this fundraiser. So many of you have stood by me, bought my songs, and helped spread the word! I wouldn’t be here without you! And that’s why I’m hoping that we can tackle this challenge together!

The incentives are listed below; everything from “I believe in you” sized contributions to some larger, yet insanely cool incentive prizes like range days and house concerts!

I’m forever appreciative to y’all for the love and support you give me, and this fundraiser is about more than just raising money. It’s about an artist and her fans pushing to the next level and open new doors and opportunities! We can do this together, and I promise it will be a lot of fun!

Thank you all, and love you so much!

To contribute:
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Contribute to Contribute – $5 or more
Help with a small donation because you’re awesome and want to help even in the smallest way! ($5.00 minimum, but donate as much as you’d like!)

Digital Download – $10 or more
Basic purchase of digital download CD.

Signed CD & Postcard – $20 or more
Receive a signed physical CD and signed postcard.

Ain’t That Girl Hat Bundle – $40 or more
Receive a hat, signed CD & signed postcard.

Ain’t That Girl T-Shirt Bundle – $60 or more
Receive a T-shirt, a hat, asigned CD & signed postcard.

Handwritten Thank You Note – $100 or more
Handwritten thank you mailed with signed CD, thank you phone call & signed postcard.

Songs over Skype – $200 or more
Private session with Lacey over Skype/Facetime.

Be an extra in my music video! – $500 or more
Be an extra in the video, hang out with Lacey on set & receive a swag bag . (T-shirts hat & signed CD) • (Travel to location not provided).

Range Day with Lacey! – $2,000 or more
Spend a day on the range with Lacey & receive a swag bag.

In-House Acoustic Show – $5,000 or more
I’ll come to your house and perform a full acoustic show of songs off of the new and old CD’s, plus you’ll receive a swag bag for you and 10 of your guests. (Travel & lodging additional if further than 100 miles of Nashville,TN) .

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