Kata Hay

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Kata Hay
Skiatook, OK

Hey ya’ll,

It’s been way too long since I’ve recorded my music. YOU can help me change this. I play music 7 days a week in Nashville. Been saving for a while, but seems something always get’s in the way or comes up. A LOT of you have said you wanna help make my dream of an EP come true, so I’ve teamed up with BandTwango to give you an opportunity to do that. I’ve come up with some really cool ways to repay you for helping my dreams become a reality and they are listed below. advance for the future!

Thank you for all your support all these years, and in advance for the future!



To contribute:
ON DESKTOP: click thumbnail photo on right


I wanna help! – $10 or more
I know money is hard to come by. But if you wanna help out a little, and don’t care about getting anything but a HUGE thank you in return, this is a great way to do it! ($10 minimum contribution)

First to hear the tunes! – $15 or more
With this option, you get a digital download of the new EP, and will literally be the first to hear the new songs! Also STILL get a HUGE thank you from me!

I want to hold the music in my hand! – $25 or more
This option allows you to be the first to get a physical copy of the EP that you can hold in your hand, also I’m gonna autograph each one of these copies, you also still get the Digital Download copy, AND of course a HUGE thank you from me!

EP & Personalized Autographed Photo – $50 or more
This package includes the Autographed EP, AND digital download BUT you ALSO get a personalized autographed photo too! AND don’t forget, a HUGE thank you from me!

Handwritten lyrics & more! – $100 or more
This ones extra cool I think! You get a handwritten lyric sheet of your choice of any song off of the new EP. ALSO still get the autograph EP, The autograph personalized photo, and digital download. AND a HUGE thank you from me :-p

YOU pick the song! – $250 or more
You get to choose any cover or original you want to hear and see me perform and I will make a video JUST for you doing it live. ALSO still throwing in a personalized autographed photo, autographed EP, AND a digital download, plus a HUGE thank you from me!

Own a piece of my history! – $500 or more
This honestly might be the most personal of all of the options. I have a surplus of old instruments I’ve collected over my decades of performing, honestly have too many. So I’ve decided if I am going to get rid of them I’d love for them to go to YOU! So this option means you get an instrument from my collection of your choice, first come first serve of course. ALSO you still get an autographed EP, a personalized autographed photo AND digital download, and of course a HUGE thank you from me! ($500 Plus $75 S&H)

Nashville Karaoke Night Downtown! – $1,000 or more
Ever wanted to hang out with me and sing some karaoke? Here’s your chance! With this option it’s possible! I’ll meet ya downtown and we will go to Wanna Be’s, or Lonnie’s and sing the night away! PLUS I can give you your autographed EP, autographed photo and HUGE thank you in person! YOU also will still be one of the first to receive a digital download copy of the new music!

In Home Concert – $2,500 or more
Definitely the coolest of all the options because if you choose this one, You’ve literally gotten me a quarter of the way to my goal! I will come to YOUR house, and perform a whole concert for you, you can hear your favorites IN person, invite your friends, we will have a party! YOU still get the autographed EP, autographed photo, and huge thank you delivered right to your door, AND of course still get the digital download! (More than 250 miles from Nashville, lodging & transportation additional)

Thank you

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