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A Year of Music

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Juliet Weybret
Nashville, TN

I am beyond thrilled to announce the launch of my campaign with Bandtwango to help fund an entire year of new music! As most of you may know, the production of music, music videos, and all of the photoshoots and promotion that come along with it, can cost a lot of money! I haven’t had the opportunity to release anything solid and show you all who I truly am through my art. But with YOUR help and support, we can finally make it happen!

If you don’t know me, nice to meet you! My name is Juliet Weybret. I am a pop/country artist from California who made the big move to Nashville, TN in 2015. I got my start in music on YouTube in 2008 by playing cover songs, which led to the 67,000 subscribers and 7 million+ views I have today. Songwriting is how I share my life and all the stories that come with it. With a successfully funded campaign, I plan to release, several songs with music videos to go along with them over the course of a year or more.

I am beyond excited to get this started. Thank you for visiting my campaign, and thank you SO MUCH if you contributed to it! I can’t wait to show you who Juliet really is.



To contribute:
ON DESKTOP: click thumbnail photo on right


For The Love – $10 or more
No reward, just for the love and support of Juliet! ($10 minimum, donate as much as you want)

You’ve Got Mail – $15 or more
Digital download of my debut single “Kill a Bottle” and a handwritten thank you letter to show my immense appreciation.

Written In Ink – $25 or more
Digital download, signed photo, and a handwritten lyric sheet.

Lights, Camera, Action – $50 or more
YouTube video shoutout & cover song of your choice.

Wanna’ Hang? – $200 or more
One hour Facetime/Skype session. Let’s talk about life, boys, food, whatever!

Let’s Write – $350 or more
Facetime/Skype writing session or in person if you live within 100 miles of Nashville.

Just For You – $500 or more
Give me a topic, any topic! I will write and acoustically record a personalized song just for you.

‘In Your House’ Concert – $1,500 or more
This is your chance to have me drive or fly to your hometown and I will play an acoustic ‘in your home’ concert for you! (Within 250 miles of Nashville TN – any further lodging & transportation will be additional)

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