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Jeremy Parks
Providence Forge, VA

I’m Jeremy Parks, country music artist, singer-songwriter. I’ve come a long way evolving my music career. I started singing on stage when I was 5, playing harmonica in my teens, performing in my 20’s and finally recording my first album in my 40’s. This last year, I have composed, recorded and released 4 songs and have 5 more upcoming. My album “Roots” can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and many other music apps.

I’m campaigning for help to get my music in the hands of corporate radio stations. In years past, you had to have a major label, promoter or manager that would parade you to radio stations to convince them to play your music. Current industry, a music delivery system call Play MPE is used to promote new songs to radio, press and TV. Play MPE allows artists to submit their original songs to be heard by Billboard and Music Row radio stations (These radio stations are the corporate stations that essentially decide who becomes #1 or is even played on the radio). In other words, you have to pay to get played and or noticed.

I will also be running 30 day social media campaigns that will promote my music through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Ads will be placed that will promote links to my music from various music apps as well as ads that will draw in new fans.

By reaching my goal, it allows me to share my music with worldwide corporate radio stations, gives me the potential to be noticed by a major record label and will allow for more opportunities for gigs/tours across the US.



To contribute:
ON LAPTOP/DESKTOP: click thumbnail photo on right

If, for some reason, you’re having an issue making a contribution, please contact us at:


Donate “Just Because” – $10 or more
Donate “Just Because” of your love of country music and just want to help! ($10 minimum donation)

Digital Download – $20 or more
Contribute $20 and you will be the first to receive a code for a digital download of my next to be released “Stick Up Note”

Hand Written Lyrics – $75 or more
Jeremy will hand-write the lyrics to “Would You Love Me Back” and autograph them personally to you.

Video Chat – $125 or more
30 minute Facetime, Google Chat or Skype with Jeremy for a personal one on one experience. Ask and talk about anything like- new music, his dog or anything you’ve ever wanted to know!

Merchandise Bundle – $250 or more
Get this all inclusive merchandise bundle including: “Absolutely Jeremy” t-shirt; Play on your very own harmonica key chain; 2- 11x 18 Autographed Posters; CD which will included his next single not yet released “Stick-up Note”.

Spend the Day in the Studio – $500 or more
Spend the day in the studio with Jeremy as he records his upcoming songs. Find out what it takes by being behind the scenes during a full session.
*** Session will be in Virginia Beach, VA and travel and lodging will be at your discretion.

Live ‘In Home’ Performance – $1,000 or more
Jeremy will come and perform an acoustic set ‘In Your Home’.
*** Within a 250 miles of Virginia Beach, VA (For further locations, travel and lodging will be additional.)

Thank You

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