Jeneve Rose Mitchell

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Jeneve Rose Mitchell
Crawford, CO

     When I was 13 years old, I had the same dream I do now: To make a great album. Back then, I did not have Bandtwango, so the only thing that I could do in order to make a recording was to use Garage band and play all my own instruments, overlapping my own voice with harmonies and adding in my instrumentals. I am proud of the recordings that I made when I was that age, but it is high time for an updated version now that I am so much more experienced.
     Bandtwango has given me the opportunity to create a new album through fan-funding. I will be able to record my record in Nashville, where I can get fantastic recording quality so that my fans can have the very best of my songs. I can’t wait to get my album out for people to hear!
     My main goal is to make my fans happy. I have a plan to start up my touring again, so I can spread my positive influence as many places as I can. I want to inspire with my creations. I have been keeping in contact with my fans through social media, which is a lot of fun!
     I have a passion for not only music, but all forms of performing art, especially things like acting, musical theatre, and drama. I hope to one day do things like that along with my music.
     I can’t wait for all my fans to see what I have to offer for them! On this new website you can choose from lots of incentives for partnering with me to make my CD. Bandtwango will make the dream of creating a professional CD possible for me!




To contribute online:
Click SUPPORT THIS PROJECT at top of page

Click thumbnail photo on right

To contribute by check:
(Please write JENEVE, incentive level, phone no. & email on check.)


JENEVE’S SIMPLY FUND – $10 or more
No gift for me. Just donate without any gift in return just because you are a rosebud fan and want to contribute to a good cause.
(Contribute any amount you like, $10.00 minimum)
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – $10 or more
Download a digital version of Jeneve’s new CD as soon s it’s available!
JENEVE’S CD – $25 or more
Receive Jeneve’s new CD as soon as it’s completed! And you get a digital download of the new album!
SIGNED CD – $35 or more
Receive a personally signed copy of Jeneve’s new CD as soon as it’s completed!
(Along with a digital download as well)
SIGNED LYRIC SHEET – $50 or more
Jeneve will personally sign a copy of her lyrics to one of her songs! (You get to choose which song.) You also get a digital download of the album.
SIGNED T-SHIRT – $75 or more
Personally signed Relentless Rosebud T-shirt (short sleeves, unisex s-2xl, kid’s 2-4 yrs. on up; also available in tank tops!) State your size and choice.
(Along with a digital download as well)
WILD RAG OR SILK SCARF – $100 or more
You get a choice of one of my personalized 100% silk scarf, wild rags! Either a 34×34 silhouette of myself or a 44×44 roses with eagle claw! Plus you will get a digital download of the album.
EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE – $250 or more
1 personalized wild Rag/silk scarf (choose from 34×34 silhouette or 44×44 rosebud with eagle claw); A signed CD; a signed 8×10 photo of Jeneve; a Rosebud T-shirt (tank top or unisex t-shirt sizes S-2XL; kid sizes also available) and a digital download!
STUDIO VISIT PASS – $1,500 or more
You and a friend can come visit Jeneve in the studio to get a glimpse into the recording process. (You’ll have to get yourself to Nashville while we’re recording.) Plus you receive a digital download and autographed copy of the CD when it is finished.
HOME PERFORMANCE – $4,000 or more
Jeneve will perform a private concert in your home for you and up to 25 fans! (Limited to the 50 U.S. and subject to routing and availability) , (plus transportation and lodging) Package also includes: signed CD, T-shirt and photo for each fan & selfie with Jeneve. (*other merchandise available for purchase*)



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