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Jason Link
Orlando, FL

     In the middle of last year I launched a campaign to record a brand new album at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville that would be a throwback to the country music I grew up on in my Papa’s dance hall and radio station. I was nervous but, “with a little help from my friends”, I was able to record an album I am very proud of. Once finished, I put my nose to the grindstone and started emailing every music manager and label head I could find in Nashville. With that record and those emails, it led me to John Alexander, a gentleman that discovered Kelsea Ballerini as well as Patty Loveless. John is not only a huge life-long wrestling fan like me, but he is the co-founder of Bandtwango. Bandtwango is fan-funding on steroids. With his super talented partner Carl Allocco, they help artists raise money for their projects and help them advance their careers with the donations from their fans. After the projects are funded, Bandtwango, through their connections and resources in Nashville, get the projects to the movers and shakers – such as GAC, CMT, Spotify, and Sirius XM radio.

     Since the making of my album one of the songs called “Evolution” has been placed in Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Spotify playlist and has also led to a publishing contract with Bandtwango Music Publishing. We believe that we can make some great things happen with my album if we can raise the funds to do so and move the needle forward. Making the album was only the first step. Being completely independent I don’t have the marketing budget to shoot a video and promote it to radio. So, once again I need “A Little Help From My Friends”. We want to make a video for the title track called “Music City Machine”. And we want to film it at the worlds Famous Downtown Broadway in Nashville where I once lived off tip buckets and hollers and swallers playing long, all-day shifts at Legends Corner, Crossroads, and The Stage! We’d also like to have several wrestling legends in it, including my all-time favorite Nature Boy Ric Flair! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Once shot, we’d like to hire a publicist to help promote an ‘official’ release of the album and video with hopes of landing on official Spotify playlists, getting video placement on CMT and GAC, and getting radio airplay on Sirius XM. We believe with these efforts we will be able to get my career to the next level – to run with the Sturgill Simpson’s and Cody Jinks’ of the world, two independent artists that I admire.

     I have had a lot of people over the years believe in me and my music and that I will be able to make these things happen. I believe we’ve all been on this journey together and are only half way there. I am ready to cross the finish line and achieve what I have been working towards for over 15 years. To break through the doors of country music and play my songs for the world to hear. I believe, with your help, we can reach that goal! Thank you in advance for any donation and for taking the time to find out what I am doing. I greatly appreciate you all so much . . . and with that said, let’s steal one from my grandma’s favorite George Jones (well besides Papa!).

“The Race Is On”!!!!!! 123 Holler!



To contribute:
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Jason Simply Fund – $10 or more
No gift necessary. Would just like to contribute! ($10 minimum, donate as much as you want)

The Big Boot Legdrop! – $25 or more
Bootleg CD signed copy of Jason’s newest album, Music City Machine.

Time in the Woodshed! – $75 or more
Take a 45 min facetime guitar lesson with Jason Link via Skype! Also includes a bootleg copy of Jason’s newest album, Music City Machine.

Bootleg Bionic Elbow Bundle! – $150 or more
A signed lyric sheet by Jason Link along with a signed 8×10 photo and a signed bootleg of his newest album Music City Machine.

Not about Link but about Me! – $300 or more
A Song just for You! Jason will write a personalized song for you and sing it in a video. Just give him a topic and he will create something you will love! You will receive a digital download of the video along with the signed personalized lyrics.

Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold! – $600 or more
Merch Madness! 2 T Shirts, all of Jason’s albums on CD and autographed along with his current album on bootleg. Also includes a signed photo along with a personal letter written to you!

Hank Williams for a Day – $800 or more
If you are looking for inspiration and tips on song writing, Jason will co-write a song with you.

A Day with Scoot Scoot! – $1,000 or more
Hangout with Jason Link! Have dinner with Jason Link and his lady at their favorite place in Nashville, Virginia or Orlando.

The Gorilla Position! – $1,500 or more
Behind the Scenes! You will be invited to go behind the scenes as Jason makes his next music video and even have a little cameo in it!

The Honky Tonk Man! – $2,000 or more
An acoustic guitar signed by Jason Link.

The WWWWOOOOO!!!! – $3,000 or more
Private Concert in your home town. Jason will come to your town and give you a private performance for you and your friends. It will be the ultimate 123 Holler experience and hangout. You and your 20 guests will receive signed copies of Jason’s album Getaway along with a digital download of his current album Music City Machine.

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