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Springfield, IL

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my campaign! I’m so excited to be partnering with Bandtwango for my campaign to release some NEW MUSIC for you all! It’s truly been quite the journey, from my days on “the Voice”, to where I am today. I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. To those of you who have followed with me from the beginning, to those of you who are newfound fans. Without you, I wouldn’t be anywhere even remotely close to where I am today, and for that, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. SO. It only makes perfect sense that I include all of you in the making of this project, right?! I think so, too!

It’s taken me roughly five years, and I can say today that I am finally able to be an independent artist full time! All thanks to the support of all of you. From coming to my shows, sharing my posts, and more, you’ve played a huge role. In the last couple of years, I’ve handled all aspects of my career; from graphics to website design, booking shows and creating promotional materials, and writing songs and perfecting my skills as a singer and musician. It’s been a learning curve! I’ve reached a point where it’s crucial to take the next step to advance my career, and that step is . . . Releasing new music! BUT. I’m going to need YOUR help!

By choosing to support my Bandtwango campaign, not only are you helping me create new music and personally playing a huge role in this project, but also getting a gift back from me as a thank you for your continued support. So, check them out! Thank you guys again SO MUCH, and I’m so excited for this journey with all of you!




To contribute:
ON DESKTOP: click thumbnail photo on right


SIMPLY FUND – $10 or more
No gift for me! I simply want to support the project! ($10.00 minimum, but donate as much as you’d like!)

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – $25 or more
Digital download of the new music, and a personalized and signed 8×10 photo!

FACETIME WITH ME! – $50 or more
FaceTime with me, plus a digital download of my new music!

I’ll cover and make a shoutout for you with the song of your choosing, or write a short song for you, along with a digital download of the new music!

BIRTHDAY WISHES – $150 or more
Get a FaceTime call from me AND a personal shout out singing “happy birthday” on social media of your choice!

WORK IT OUT – $300 or more
A day in the gym with me! Come work out with me (must be in the Nashville or STL/central IL areas) (Also includes music download)

GIRLS DAY – $500 or more
Shop and have lunch with me! (Must be in the Nashville or STL/central IL areas) (Also includes music download)

An autographed guitar, plus a digital download of the music!

SIT IN ON A RECORDING SESH! – $3,000 or more
Come join me in the recording process in the studio in Nashville!

BRINGING THE PARTY TO YOU! – $5,000 or more
I’ll come to you for a personal acoustic show for you and your friends in your favorite hangout, backyard, or living room!

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