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Caryn Womack
Atlanta, GA

Hey y’all, I’m Caryn Womack, a country singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Bandtwango to bring you some really cool and customizable incentives as I raise funds for my very first music video to go along with my soon-to-be-released single “White Trash Without the Trailer!”

Making music means nothing without fans, friends, and family, so I want you involved in this process as much as possible!

As an independent artist, I’ve been working for the past 4 years to make my dreams of becoming a full-time country musician come true. I’ve written all my own songs, paid for recordings and bands, built and maintained my own website, learned how to do graphic design work, and more! Thanks to your encouragement and support of these efforts, I’m finally at a point in my career where I’m finding success on a larger scale! In order to keep the momentum going and draw the attention of labels and radio stations with new music, videos and appearances, I need your help!

Want a personalized song? You got it. Ready to be a star with a featured role in my video? Come get pampered with me while we smile for the cameras. Just looking for some new music to play as the soundtrack to your lake days this summer? I just finished recording a new album that’s exactly what you need!

Take a look at all of the goodies you can get below, and thanks again for all the love. I couldn’t do this without y’all, and I can’t wait to show you what’s next!

God Bless




To contribute:
ON DESKTOP: click thumbnail photo on right


SIMPLY FUND – $10 or more
No gift for me! I’d like my entire contribution to go towards the project. (Contribute any amount you like, $10.00 minimum)

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – $15 or more
Want Caryn’s new music on your phone ASAP? Download a digital version of the new EP as soon as it’s available!

If you want an actual CD that you can pop in your boombox and jam poolside to, this is the reward for you! Receive a digital download of Caryn’s new EP + a hard copy as soon as they’re available.

GOOD AS GOLD – $35 or more
Receive your choice of a handwritten lyric page from any Caryn Womack song or a gold, hand-embossed quote of your choosing + a digital download and a hard copy of her EP. All artwork is created by Caryn herself.

Caryn will write and post a 1-minute song for you about ANYTHING you want! A theme song for your pet, a personalized lullaby for your kid, a tune about your affinity for Chick-fil-a… (Nothing dirty, get y’all’s minds out of the gutter!) and a digital download of her new EP.

COLLECT THEM ALL – $100 or more
Receive autographed hard copies of all 3 of Caryn’s albums, including her new EP. Copies of her earlier work are in short supply, so get yours now!

Receive a Johnson guitar signed by Caryn.

STAR TREATMENT – $350 or more
Come to Nashville as Caryn’s special guest and be featured as an extra on her video shoot for her new single “White Trash Without the Trailer!” Get the full star treatment – hair and makeup, wardrobe, and an autographed copy of Caryn’s new EP.

WRITE ON – $500 or more
Let’s make some music together! Schedule a 3 hour co-write with Caryn, either in-person or over Skype. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – that’s where Caryn comes in! Recipient will be provided with an acoustic demo and chord sheet of their song after the session.

PARTY TIME – $1,000 or more
Have Caryn come to your house for a 2-hour acoustic house show and receive 10 signed hard-copy EPs. Corny jokes in between songs are available at no additional charge. (Show must be within 70 miles of Atlanta, otherwise recipient is responsible for artist travel and lodging costs.)

In addition to a lifetime supply of Caryn’s love, hugs, and undying gratitude, you’ll receive an “Executive Producer” credit on Caryn’s new EP + open invitations to all photo/video shoots and 4 VIP seats for Caryn’s EP release party. (Recipient will be listed as an “Executive Producer” in name only. Recipient is responsible for all personal travel and lodging costs. If recipient is unable to attend a particular date, s/he will be FaceTimed from set.)


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