Allyson LaCour

Help Allyson get recording time in Nashville for her next EP! EXTENDED

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Allyson LaCour
Jacksonville, FL

Hey y’all!

I am looking to go to the next level with my music! One small dream of mine is to go to Nashville and have some recording time in a Country Music studio. With your help, we can cover travel costs for out sweet little family in the second week of June, as well as cover studio time for my new EP that I want to release later this year! There will be opportunities to hear new music as well as hang out with me and my awesome family!



To contribute:
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One Small Token – $10 or more
This donation is great for anyone who can support! (Minimum contribution $10)

Be Apart of Behind The Scenes! – $25 or more
You will be added to a private group streaming recording time live in the studio to get first glimpse of my new songs along with a hand written thank you note!

Hand Written Thank You Signed by Me! – $50 or more
I will give you a hand written thank you letter along with a hand written EP list of my new songs with my signature!

Home Made Bake Sale – $100 or more
I will send you a box of made from scratch baked goods from our family recipe book!

Blueberry Music City Pie! – $200 or more
I will send you a blueberry pie made by yours truly wherever you are!

Your own music video! – $250 or more
Choose your favorite song off my EP Living Fearlessly and I will record your own version!

Single, One of A Kind Vinyl Record – $300 or more
Choose from “Leaving California”, “Chardonnay I Love You’s”, or “Living Fearlessly” off of my latest EP and have a one of a kind vinyl record sent to you along with a hand written note!

Lyric Sheet – $500 or more
Pick a song from my EP Living Fearlessly and have the lyrics handwritten, framed and signed by yours truly!

In Home Concert – $1,000 or more
My husband Bennett and I will play a concert at your house in your living room or backyard for you and your friends!

Thank you

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