Congratulations, you’ve decided to launch a Bandtwango campaign! What now?

It’s time to build a your project page. This is where you will share your story with your fans and explain what you are hoping to achieve with their help.

Campaign Headline

Come up with a call to action that will motivate fans to click through and support your project. All you need is a short sentence that summarizes your goal.


Make sure you develop truly compelling incentives to reward your contributors. Ask yourself – would I go through the trouble to buy this incentive myself? What could you offer that is truly, uniquely you? For inspiration, check out our past campaigns. Successful artists have offered music downloads, autographs, merch – even concert experiences!

Send us the incentives you decide to offer to your fans. For each one, we will need the quantity you are offering (4-6 max – too many can overwhelm your fans) and the amount fans will need to donate to receive it. Try to give each incentive a creative name. Be sure none will be too expensive to deliver – you don’t want to spend half your funds paying for shipping!


You’ll need to create a pitch video where you introduce yourself and any others involved with your project. Explain to your fans why you are running this campaign, how much you need their help and what great incentives they can receive for participating. Include a timeline for when you plan to complete your project and deliver your incentives. Please film (at the highest resolution possible) in landscape or horizontal mode – no vertical videos! Try to keep it to 2-3 minutes long.

Remember – you’re competing against the endless amount of content on the Internet for your audience’s attention. Therefore, your initial pitch must absolutely grab your funders’ attention right away. The most effective way to do this is to tell a great story, either about yourself or about your project.

Once you’ve pulled your audience in, you must hold their attention by engaging both the rational brain (using the “what” of what you’re doing) and the emotional brain (using the “why” of what you’re doing).

Most importantly, be yourself. Tell your story and share your enthusiasm for your project, and people will naturally want to contribute.


Please write a short and a long description. A quick sentence briefly describing why you’re launching a campaign.  And then write a few paragraphs to place under your video. Maybe summarizing  the video, but adding a little bit more biographical information.


We typically include:

  • An 800 x 600px preview photo
  • A 1500 x 500px slider image for the homepage
  • An incentive photo (More than one is optional)

If there is a specific photo you’d like to go with a certain incentive, please specify.

Social Media

Please provide the links to your social media profiles and your website, as well as the email address you’d like to use for your campaign.

Now that you’re really ready . . .

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