Bandtwango has four different artist platforms to choose from.

Below are some basic guidelines.
Please look through them or watch the video to see which platform best fits you.


  • Artists who have had success in the industry and want to take control of their career.
  • Artists who are tired of having all their decisions made for them.
  • Artists who want to give their loyal fans a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Artists who are wanting to make a comeback.
  • Artists who have had some success in the industry.
  • Artists who had a record deal, but didn’t break.
  • Artists who have a healthy fan base.
  • Artists who are short steps away from breaking into the industry
  • Artists who have not have had a song on the radio yet.
  • Artists who have never been signed to a record label.
  • Artists who are just starting to build a social media fan base.
  • Artists who have already tried to do it themselves.
  • Artists with a small social media fan base.
  • Artists who only need to raise $500 – $2000.
  • Artists who have decided to do it themselves.
  • Artists who would like to try out fan-funding.

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