Bandtwango has four different artist platforms to choose from. Check out the descriptions below to find out which platform fits you best! You can also visit the individual links to view the previous & current campaigns on each platform.

If you’ve…

not yet had a song on the radio
 already attempted to make it independently
 never been signed to a record label
 just begun to build a significant social media following

You should consider becoming a Discovery Artist

Not you? Perhaps you…

 have just had a taste of success in the music industry
 are only a few short steps away from breaking through
 previously had a record deal
 have established a healthy fan base

You sound like an Emerging Artist

Maybe you’ve…

 had substantial success in the music industry?
 been wanting to make a resurgence?
 wished you had more control over your career?
 wanted to reward your loyal fans with one-of-a-kind perks?

You are a Heritage Artist

Or, if you…

 are only looking to raise $500 – $2,000
 have chosen to operate as an independent artist
  have been curious about fan-funding
 have a small (but growing) social media following

Introducing Ignite!

Where they end …

We Begin

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