Lyrics & Lore at the DreamMore Resort in Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN

The 4th Annual Lyrics & Lore festival hosted by Dollywood DreamMore Resorts and sponsored by Bandtwango and The International Storytelling Center kicked off on January 17th with a bang, thanks to the wonderful storytelling of the fabulous Geraldine Buckley. Over the next 2 days the songwriters and their mentors (Beth Nielsen Chapman, Tim James, Guthrie Trapp & Dakota Danielle), along with host Greg Riggle and Bandtwango co-founders Carl Allocco & John Alexander, took her story and crafted a beautiful, melodious tune, that captured the essences of what that story told.

These song-writers put in a lot of work, learned a lot and also had fun while being able to flex their creative skills. The reward not only was a song that was loved by everyone who had the chance to hear it, but an exclusive, intimate concert by Deana Carter to close out the festivities. This weekend is one that is looked forward to by many and from the looks of it, everyone had a grand ole time immersing themselves into the wondercraft of songwriting and storytelling.

Check out some photos from the event. Click thumbnail to see larger image.



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