Incentives  Below are just a few ideas of items to offer your fans for their contributions. (But the sky’s the limit! *)

Rewards are what you offer your fans who help support your project. Some rewards are straightforward, like a copy of the CD you’re making or a T-shirt, baseball cap, etc.. Others can be more creative such as signed items, in-home performances or Skype calls to a fan. We suggest you keep incentives to a minimum of 6 – 8. Too many can get overwhelming for your fans. And keep them simple. Things that have to be manufactured or made that can cost and cut into your funding.

For list of prohibited items click here.

Pay What You Want

(Simply Fund)

Artist CD

Signed Artist CD

Artist T-shirt

Signed Artist T-shirt

Signed Artist LP

Signed Artist Photo

Performance Tickets

Tickets / Full Access Passes

Signed Lyric Sheet

Signed Guitar

Studio Visit

* Rewards can be CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, lyric sheets, or anything else you have (as long as it is legal). You can also offer signed items for your fans. Experiences are also fun –  Skype a fan, perform an in-home concert.

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