So what exactly is Bandtwango?

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We empower you to partner with your fans.

Creative decisions and campaign specifics are up to you.

We can connect you to industry professionals..

An Analog Approach To A Digital World

Our Philosophy

We believe that careers of successful artists are powered and maintained by PEOPLE, not platforms. There are no digital substitutes for artist management, networking, face-to-face meetings, in-person pitches hands-on/in-market promotion, deal-making or contract negotiations. These analog activities are crucial to artist development and best executed by experienced professionals with long-standing industry relationships.

Our Mission

We seek to work with country artists to help them manage their campaigns. You will not see hundreds of competing campaigns on Bandtwango. You will only see artists who’ve met our criteria and are serious about taking their music careers to the next level.

Our Approach

At Bandtwango we be there every step of the way:  before you pull the trigger and go live, during your initial contribution pitch, and throughout the remainder of your campaign. Even after your campaign is over, we can continue to assist with management and marketing through our public relations, radio promotion, and video and social media contacts. We can even help you propel your project through one of our digital distribution partners.

Our Promise

We are not another music industry site that will nickel and dime you at every turn. We charge a simple, flat fee for our services. We will not gouge you with hidden costs.  Our A&R selection process allows us to work only with those artists we feel can have a successfully funded campaign. We are invested in your success. If you succeed, we succeed!

Let Bandtwango, along with your fans, help you fund your next project!

1. Launch a campaign.

2. Promote to your fans.

3. Fund your project.

Where they end …

We Begin.

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