by India McCarty

Even though it feels like everything in our lives has changed, there are some things we can still rely on to help us feel normal. One of those things is creating music. So many artists use turmoil and uncertainty to fuel their creativity and comfort themselves; why should that change now?

If you’re used to playing live shows or writing with partners, it might feel weird to try creating by yourself, but don’t give up! Just by making the effort to continue to write and play, you are strengthening your skills as a writer and musician. It can also be a great way to help you tune out of what’s happening in the world right now. We all need a break from the constant news cycle, so pick up your guitar and try to escape for a little while.

This might be easier said than done for some people. If being musically creative feels hard or impossible, don’t beat yourself up! Life is unpredictable right now, from the bigger, existential issues, to little things like trying to figure out how best to work from home. If you feel creatively tapped right now, that’s perfectly understandable.

The most important thing is to keep your expectations low and to try to be kind to yourself. While it might be helpful to continue working and writing the way you would if everything was normal, don’t hold yourself hostage to standards you set before everything got turned upside down. For example, it’s good to have goals or a schedule of things you want to accomplish, but be willing to keep things loose. Even under normal circumstances, things rarely go exactly the way we want, so don’t force yourself to write just to keep up with expectations you’ve set for yourself.

The great thing about creativity is that it might be gone for a little while, but it always comes back. If writing feels impossible right now, just know that this feeling won’t last forever! No matter how you continue to create, you can help yourself start to find a little peace in all of this.

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