We are certainly in unprecedented times, and so many musicians are having their livelihood severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been one thing after another… Shows have been canceled, tours shut down, huge events are either closed or delayed, bars closed, venues shuttered, festivals canceled.

We have an entire industry right now that is suffering which is why we want to reach out personally to you. It goes without saying that our thoughts are with everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to let you know that we have been monitoring the situation very closely and have taken all the precautions necessary to protect our team, and we will all be working from home for the time being.

Since our platform/services are completely virtual, we are continuing to operate, as usual, however, we will be switching up what we do a bit. We are committed to providing any artist that needs it, a platform and place to feel secure in being able to ask for donations of any kind from their audience to continue to do what they love without worrying about where their income will come from.

We will continue to strive to offer you all great opportunities to help you in your musical pursuits and make sure that you still have the career you want even after the pandemic is over. If you are interested in a donation-based campaign please either contact nicole@bandtwango.com or go to https://bandtwango.com/get-started/ to submit your application today!

We also want to share some ideas of how you can make the best of this tough situation, keep some money coming in, and stay connected as an artist (and even just everyone else affected too)

DO LIVESTREAMS: Whether it’s through your YouTube Channel, on Facebook or Instagram Live, you can still reach your audience and provide entertainment, as most everyone is at home!

MERCH: Let your fans know the Merch that you have available and tell them this is how they can support you until you can get out and do live shows again! Let them know you have music and merch for sale and where they can buy it.

INFLUENCER OPPORTUNITIES: Nashville Unsigned is currently offering Influencer Marketing opportunities for artists looking to make some money and also supporting brands that you love. Please go to their site and get more information contact amber@nashvilleunsigned.com or visit https://www.nashvilleunsigned.com/sponsorship/

LOOK INTO THESE FREE RESOURCES FOR ARTISTS: There are a lot of organizations noticing just how hard the coronavirus is hitting the music industry and stepping up with support. Click here for an extensive list of resources you can look into if you need assistance because of the current climate.

PLAN FOR AFTER: We know this may not sound like the best advice, but this is only a temporary situation and some of the best uses of your time as an artist can be mapping out what it will look like when you are able to start performing, recording, promoting again. Figure out what you want your career to look like, list out places you would like to reach out to perform at, and dream of what the absolutely ideal music career could look like for you.

WRITE, WRITE, WRITE: Now is the best time to just sit down and write some new music. There is so much going on, lots of emotions running high and the uncertainty (while scary) can lead to some great songs. Planned an in-person co-write before this? Why not keep it on the books but turn it into a video session. Apps like FaceTime, Google Hang-Outs and Zoom are all great to help keep the creativity flowing.

LEARN: We do have a lot more time on our hands now, so why not learn something new. Take a free online class, learn a new skill or start listening to podcasts to entertain the days of being at home. If you do want to learn more about how to navigate the music industry, sign up for our 100% educational webinar happening on March 25th at 6 pm, by going to www.bandtwango.com/webinar

We just want to say that we know this situation is unprecedented and however we can be a resource and support, we will make sure to continue to provide relevant information to our audience.

If you are not an artist, but still would like to help consider donating to your favorite artist or to the relief efforts above. Now is the time to band together and show the world what music artists are capable of, when hit with, yet another obstacle to overcome.

Until next time, stay healthy and be safe,


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