by India McCarty

Over the past few years, online fundraising has become part of our collective vocabulary. Crowdfunding can help a director make a movie, an artist afford supplies or a musician record an album.

Crowdfunding, or fan-funding, is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. For musicians, it’s an opportunity to raise money through your fans, often bypassing more traditional ways of making physical EPs and albums. It offers artists who are unsigned or on small labels a viable way of getting their music out there.

By raising money through fans and friends, artists who are not signed to a label still have opportunities to create content. Most unsigned musicians don’t have the money to fund music videos or album recording sessions, which is why a record deal is seen as the Holy Grail. However, nowadays, the option of crowdfunding has made it possible to make music by yourself, on your own terms.

Making music on your own terms is another benefit. Without a label breathing down your neck, you can make the music that you want to make! You won’t have to fight anyone on your creative direction or what songs will go on your album; you’re in charge!

In addition to helping you make enough money to jumpstart your career, it is also a great way to foster a real connection with your fans. A successful fan-funding campaign means that, not only do you have people who want to hear your music, you have people who are willing to contribute money to make that music happen! Launching a campaign will tell you a lot about the relationship you’ve established with your fans but it also gives you the opportunity to deepen that relationship. Not only are you reaching out to get their support but your marketing and outreach could win you new fans.

By raising money through the internet, you’re really putting yourself and your music out there. You’re spreading the word about your campaign which, in turn, spreads the word about you! Spend some time contacting local press outlets and let them know about your fan-funding efforts; it’s a lot of work but it becomes even more worthwhile if you keep in mind that it goes beyond reaching your campaign goal and offers a great opportunity to let folks know about your music. This work can even set the stage for later coverage in outlets that didn’t cover your campaign!

At Bandtwango, this is our speciality! We incorporate the best elements of fan-funding and the traditional artist development process without all the hassle. We’ll help you figure out a plan for your campaign and how to get that campaign off the ground. Bandtwango is the perfect fan-funding partner! If you work with us, you are completely in charge of your campaign, from the goal you’re trying to reach, to the timeline of your campaign. And, unlike other crowdfunding sites, regardless of whether you achieve your goal, you’ll still have the opportunity to collect your fans’ contributions. And, after your campaign, our management and marketing team can connect you to publishers, songwriters, radio promotion teams, PR companies – you name it.

Raising money online can sound daunting; many artists see a record label as a safety net. However, crowdfunding is a great way to make the music you want to make and your fans want to hear! You can get your music out there, without the headache of dealing with anyone’s opinion but your own. So, think about starting a fundraiser for your music! It’s a great way to move your career forward on your own terms.

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