We hope this will help guide you shape your project, whether it’s recording a new CD, funding a tour or shooting a video.
Your project can be anything related to growing your artist career in the music industry. Just keep it focused, with a clear goal, and you’ll be okay.
And, as always, if you have an questions, just contact us.

Decide which Bandtwango platform best suits your campaign

Before you get started, you must first determine which Bandtwango platform best suits your campaign:

Once you’ve decided, read through the following guidance to get your project started.

A Bandtwango project consists of:

  • A project page with a description that clearly explains the story behind your project.
  • Incentives that supporters will receive when the project is completed.
  • Updates so that fans can participate in your creative journey with you.

Create your project page

The project page is where you will share your story with your fans and explain what you are hoping to achieve  with their help. We strongly suggest you include a video description to quickly and clearly communicate what you are trying to accomplish and why. The video doesn’t have to be super pro looking. Videos with a DIY feel can be very effective.

In the video you should:

  • Introduce yourself and any others involved with your project.
  • Explain what you’re trying to accomplish and why.
  • Include a timeline for when you plan to complete your project and deliver your reward incentives.

Most importantly,  just have fun with it! (refer to our tips page for for info)

Determine your budget and funding timeline

Bandtwango does not use an all-or-nothing funding model. Even if you don’t reach your goal we feel you should be able to receive the money your campaign did raise. Just know, whether or not your reach your goal you will be responsible for delivering all the reward incentives promised.

That said, your funding goal should be the minimum amount needed to complete your project. First, estimate a budget. Make a list of every possible expense and total it up. The number might be bigger than you expected, but that’s okay. If it seems too high, consider what you might be willing to compromise on to cut costs.

Most of your support will come from your fan-base – the people most familiar with you and your work. You’ll want to have a good sense of how much support you can reasonably expect from them.

Once you’ve established your budget and considered your fan-base, you’re ready to set your goal. (Don’t worry – you can always raise more than your goal!)  Your goal should be the money you believe you’ll need to complete your project, while considering how much fan-funding you believe you will be able to generate.

Funding deadlines are set depending on several factors. Campaigns can last days, weeks, or sometimes months, as projects can have different financial goals. Statistically, projects lasting thirty days or fewer have the highest success rates. Shorter projects set a tone of confidence and help motivate your supporters to participate.

When a project is successfully funded, Bandtwango applies a 15% fee to the total funds raised. So in estimating your budget, give yourself a cushion.

Promote your project

On promotion:

Projects can lead to support from all over of the web. But for most, support will come from the people you know – your fans. The goal is to get people excited about your project and make them feel a part of it.

Announce your project. Send an email to your close friends and family so they can be the first to pledge. Next, share the project on social media. You don’t want to overwhelm people with e-blasts, but make sure you update your fans throughout your project’s campaign.

After you’ve sent out your big emails and posted your project to social media, you can follow up with people individually. A personal message can be a very effective way to let a fan know about your project. Highlight things about the project you think they might like. Set up a computer at gigs or performances to make it easier for fans to support the project.

Invite your fans to be part of your journey

On updates:

Throughout the life of the campaign, you’ll be communicating with fans and supporters, keeping them updated on your progress. This is where updates come in. Allow fans to follow along and be part of this journey!

While your project is live let supporters know as you reach funding milestones. Ask them to help you spread the word. Check in frequently and respond to individual fans. If you notice that certain questions come up often, consider adding this information to your project’s FAQ.

Once your project is successfully funded, keep fans updated on your progress – the story of your success shouldn’t end after it’s shipped. Share reviews, press, and photos with your fans.

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