Navigating the new country music landscape through conversation

As part of our mission, we want to offer all artists practical guidelines and best practices on how to best reimagine their music career. Hearing the stories of those who have been in the business as artists, or those who’ve been part of success stories, will also be a helpful tool. This is why we are doing the Bandtwango Podcast. Bandtwango co-founder and music industry veteran John Alexander will be the host.

The Bandtwango Podcast will feature a variety of guests. Each episode will feature either an artist, who will share their stories about doing it themselves; industry professionals offering tips; label executives, video directors, producers, and others in the business. We will also answer questions from our listeners sent to us via email.

We hope our Bandtwango Podcast will educate and empower. Enjoy.

“What is Bandtwango?”

Co-founders John Alexander & Carl Allocco discuss the beginnings of Bandtwango.

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