by India McCarty

Last Wednesday (8/15/2019), Bandtwango debuted a new monthly industry showcase series, with performances from some very talented artists! The event took place at the True Music Room (located downtown at the Cambria Hotel). This show featured an “in the round” format (which may change from show to show), with each artist performing three songs.

With these showcases, Bandtwango hopes to create a venue where publishers, labels, managers and agents can be introduced to artists that Bandtwango really and truly believe in.

The first set had passionate performances from Kathleen Regan, Melanie Meriney and Dakota Danielle. These Bandtwango artists showed off their beautiful voices and lyrics through some really catchy songs. Dakota Danielle wowed the crowd with the vivid pictures she paints in her songs, Melanie Meriney impressed the audience with her powerful vocals and Kathleen Regan moved everyone listening with her heartfelt lyrics. Each artist captivated the crowd, with their songs and stage presence.

Check out a few photos from round one


The second set featured Krista Angelucci, Gabe Walsh and Nik & Sam. Each of these artists had a distinctly different sound, showcasing how unique Bandtwango artists’ music is. Krista Angelucci captivated the audience with her sassy stage presence, Gabe Walsh filled the room with his soulful vocals and sisters Nik & Sam impressed everyone listening with their guitar and banjo-playing skills. These artists wowed the crowd with their smooth vocals and strong, catchy songs.

Special thanks go to Bandtwango’s sponsor, Legends Bank. This event would not have been possible without them!

Bandtwango is looking forward to the next showcase and is excited to see where the future takes each of these artists!


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