Fan-funding Website Achieves Multiple Milestones

After just six months of operation, Bandtwango — a fan-funding service that offers curated, creative advice, aimed at both artists and audiences — is making major strides within the country music industry.

Launched in October 2016, Bandtwango has already distinguished itself from other crowdsourcing platforms by offering an expanded range of services, including artist development, promotion, marketing, and sales.

For Bandtwango, the work doesn’t stop once an artist’s fan-funding campaign ends. That’s where the real work begins.

The proof is in the numbers. During the past six months, Bandtwango’s artists have found success on the radio, with songwriting duo Hadley Park — the first group to utilize the platform — currently enjoying their eleventh consecutive week on SiriusXM’s “The Highway” show. Bandtwango’s artists have also made significant headway on television, with two different singers, McKenna Hydrick and Christina Taylor, both sending their new videos into rotation on The Country Network. Additionally, artists like Jeneve Rose Mitchell achieved 129% of her goal with Bandtwango’s help. Finally, the company’s work has reached beyond the artist world to include new partnerships with organizations like St. Jude Children’s Hospital and STARS .

For Bandtwango, the future looks bright. Songwriter Caryn Womack and critically acclaimed harmony trio Maybe April have recently launched campaigns. Two-time American Idol finalist Emily Brooke will launch her campaign later this spring. And the company has several other campaigns scheduled for this summer. Founders John Alexander and Carl Allocco continue to work closely with each new artist, doling out creative advice while helping shape not only the artist’s fan-funding campaign but the strategic use of those funds,
as well.

By “taking crowdsourcing to the next level” (The Tennessean), Bandtwango is leaving a permanent mark on the country industry, laying the brickwork for many more months — and, indeed, years — to follow.