I’m gonna shine like the top of the Chrysler building!” a confident 10-year-old shouts with attitude and conviction. McKenna Hydrick’s first appearance on stage as the bold character Molly in the Augusta Players’ production of Annie secured her dream of being a lifelong entertainer.
Since that time, McKenna has been known in her small town of North Augusta, South Carolina as the “little girl with the big voice.” Only five feet tall, McKenna attracts people with her warm, familiar voice and her passion on stage. She has the unique ability to draw people in with her genuine performances and timeless look.
While McKenna has performed on stage her entire life, 2009 became a beautiful year for her. She began writing lyrics as an emotional outlet, and they soon turned into a demo and a dream.

“I write about what I know, about what I see. I think people want to hear stories they identify with. They want to escape life, and sometimes they need solutions. That’s what I seek to do.”

In 2010, she left her career as a high school English teacher to focus on her music. It wasn’t an easy decision, but was one that was inevitable.
“I used to hope that my words would make some kind of impact on my students—that something I said would propel them to change or follow their dreams. But what I’ve come to realize is possibly the greatest impact I can make on them is actually doing what I said so passionately to them.”
Once McKenna began to pursue a career as an artist, something unexpected happened. Two of her three young boys were diagnosed with a rare esophageal disease which required them to drastically change their lives and undergo surgical procedures every 8 weeks. Because family always comes first and the health of her children was unstable, she took a few years off to learn about this new disease and how it would affect their everyday life.
In 2014, her children were finally stable, and McKenna realized it was time to balance her home life and pursuit of her music career. She started singing again, and in a short time, opened for John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery Gentry, David Nail, Scotty McCreery, and Cassadee Pope.
She began traveling to Nashville to write and to eventually record a heartfelt 6 song EP. The trying times from years past ended up inspiring tracks like “Good Man Down” and the title track to her debut EP, “Ever After.”
“I am so thankful for the opportunities God has given me and for how He has brought me back to my dream. I tear up every time I hold my EP in my hands. It represents so much more than just a collection of songs. It’s a comeback story. It’s a story of hope.

Dreams that won’t fade are meant to be pursued. I am so grateful to be living out my dream!”

McKenna now resides in Franklin, TN and is making her mark on Music City.
Since moving to Nashville, McKenna filmed a music video for the unreleased song, “Just Keep Livin’,” which first aired on The Country Network in April 2017. The song is an inspirational power anthem, chronicling her medical journey with her family. She co-wrote the song with two-time Dove award winning songwriter, Jeff Bumgardner.
She is supported by her high school sweetheart and husband of eleven years, Andrew, as well as her three beautiful boys McCall, Sawyer and Beckham.
“I couldn’t do this without the four most important people in my life behind me. They are my number one support and help drive me towards my God-given dream of being a writer and an artist.”
After 10 years of playing gigs, writing songs, opening for big name artists and recording music independently, McKenna decided to team up with Bandtwango to take her career to the next level.
Through her Bandtwango campaign, McKenna will be raising funds to support her second EP, entitled “Wonder Woman.” Her campaign launches on June 2nd.
“If you’ve followed my family’s journey, you know we’ve had a tough medical road with our kids. But you’ve also seen us persevere and make it through so many hard times and life-changing obstacles. Through all of the trials, we never gave up on the dream God gave our family. We made the move to Nashville and we are working HARD to make our dream a reality. Thank you in advance for believing in me, praying for our journey and partnering with us to help make my Bandtwango campaign a success! I can’t wait to get back in the studio and get this new record in your hands!”

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