South Florida native Emily Brooke isn’t just a source of local pride; she is a nationwide household name. The eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter has been involved in music for more than half her life, earning every opportunity that has come her way with tenacity and hard work.

As a toddler, Emily exhibited signs of having a special talent, being able to retain the lyrics to a song on the radio and sing them back on key. When her talent began to be recognized by those around her, she decided to look into music as a hobby.

Emily started taking guitar lessons at nine and added her vocals in soon thereafter. In no time, she was trying her hand at songwriting, as well, combining her superb musical ear, finely tuned guitar skills, and naturally pitch perfect voice to become a true force.

As Emily’s talent developed, so did her confidence and desire to share her gifts with the world. As a pre-teen, she was performing in local restaurants, bars, competitions, and radio shows. The hometown notoriety put her in the position to start a crowd-funding effort and attempt to round up support for her debut full-length album.

In 2012, Here Right Now was released with the help of family, friends, and fans. With an array of cover songs and a new collection of original tunes under her belt, Emily’s gigs were becoming more and more frequent. As her crowds increased, so did her sights, and it wasn’t long before she looked toward her next big goal.

In 2014, Emily auditioned for American Idol and made it into the Top 48. With the judges’ insistence and advice in the forefront of her mind, she returned the following year and graduated to the Top 24. Through the process, Emily attracted legions of fans and also learned a lot about who she wants to be as an artist.

The artist Emily wants to be is the one into which she has single-handedly molded as of late. Now a part-time Nashville resident and respected songwriter, Emily is creating a collection of songs that will speak to her fans of all ages and genders. With age comes wisdom and with honing a craft comes professional maturity, and both of these characteristics can be found in her newest pieces of work.

In an effort to bring her newly-penned music to the masses, Emily has joined forces with Nashville-based company, Bandtwango. After experiencing notable success with her last crowd-funding efforts and realizing the growth she has experienced since, Emily is, once again, ready to personally take her fans on her next journey.

In sharing her decision to work with Bandtwango, Emily explained:

I chose Bandtwango to fund my EP because of how supportive and helpful the team is from start to finish. It feels more like family than a business venture. I can always talk to someone if I have a question or issue, unlike other crowd-funding sites where you’re all on your own. I absolutely love this company.”

Emily also welcomes her fans into her family, treating each and every person with whom she comes in contact like someone she has known for years. Join Emily’s family by backing her project and helping her share her new music with the world!

Emily’s Bandtwango campaign launches on Monday, May 15th. Follow Bandtwango for updates on Emily’s campaign, exclusive giveaways, concerts and more!

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