Imagine this, you are scrolling your Instagram account and come across an artist you really like. You look through their posts to find where to listen to their music. There’s a link in their profile that takes you to a youtube page that hasn’t been updated in months. Now you have to search to find the places where you can stream their music. While it’s pretty annoying, it’s also very common. But there’s a better way to make sure your fans are always able to have quick and easy access to your music. Have multiple links on your social media accounts!

As the creator of all of the content you are churning out for your fans, the one constant I see is that artists are not always able to keep up with changing up the links in their social media profiles to help direct their fans to where they want them to go.

While social media accounts only allow for one link, there are companies that allow you to have a page with multiple links from that one link! You can also create a custom landing page on your website that you update, that directs your fans to where they can find your latest release. Below are two options to help you not fall into that one link pit.

Linkt.ree – This is a free service (with a paid upgrade if you want it) to allow you to list all your most active links. (check out our Linkt.ree for an example). It is really easy to add or delete links, or  to make a link active or inactive. We do this every week. We go in and make sure that the links we have are still relevant for our audience and either activate or deactivate links accordingly. It does take little time, but it ‘s quick and easy. A few minutes each week make all the difference. Pro tip: Schedule time on your calendar to do this and make it a recurring event each week.

Landing Page with Buttons – This option does take more time (unless you have a web designer you work with). It does have its drawbacks and can get complicated if you do not have a web designer or experience creating a landing page. However, this option is one that you OWN. I say this because, while Linkt.ree is an amazing tool/service, but if the company were to go away tomorrow, so would all the links/pages you created with them. This makes creating a landing page with your latest links the safer, though more time-consuming option. You can also create a private page on your website that is not accessible to anyone, except for those who have the url to it. The same concept can be applied here, making sure your links are up-to-date each week. You even have the ability to add pictures and customize it, too!

Whatever option you decide to go with, know that it is going to make it so much easier for your audience to go to where they can hear your music and access your content. Yes, the task of making these links accessible to your audience can take some time, but if you create a weekly habit and commit to making sure you are giving your fans the most relevant links that week, it will show the commitment you’ve made to them. And, just as well as, the commitment you’ve made to yourself as a musician. Your fans are you’re #1 priority if you want to grow as an artist, so why not make it super easy for them to find all the different ways they can consume your music online and where they can see you in person!

If you want to add an extra link to your profile that can help you generate some extra income from your fans directly, why not look into creating your very own BandtwangoFan FanPage where your fans can donate to you on a monthly basis in exchange for exclusive content for them!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Nicole ( We’re here to help!!

by Nicole Hoglund 

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