We want everyone to know of a change within the company that is now official. John Alexander, co-founder of Bandtwango, has decided to leave the company and the music industry entirely to pursue some of his other passions, including a fantastic opportunity as an author with ECW press. We wish John all the best and we are excited to see what he does in the future.

Going forward, Bandtwango will continue to be led by co-founder Carl Allocco and Nicole Hoglund, the new Managing Director. While changes in the music industry is nothing new, please know that we are still Bandtwango – the premier country music crowdfunding platform for artists.

We remain dedicated to our mission to offer country music artists opportunities to re-imagine their careers through crowdfunding, astute programming, and clever promotion. We are here to open doors when possible and help artists build relationships with people we know can help them.

We are also trying to bring to our artists unique and fresh programs to help grow and manage their careers. We have been hard at work to create several new and exciting initiatives to advance the careers of new artists and expect to announce these soon. To whet your appetite, we will start offering a regular webinar series on all aspects of the music industry to help artists learn the trade and realize the music career they always wanted. More to come!!

Bottom line: We love our artists and our passion is to help them grow their careers while we grow our business! We are proud to represent our Bandtwango artists and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey with you.

If you have any questions and suggestions for us, we want to hear from you. Please feel free to email Nicole (nicole@bandtwango.com). We are here to serve any artist who needs help funding their next music project to take their career to the next level. Join us!