by India McCarty –

In today’s digital age, promoting yourself is easier than ever. Social media sites and streaming services have streamlined the process and made it simple to reach thousands of people. However, concentrating solely on your online presence could mean losing out on making important face-to-face connections.

Here are five ways to interact with fans and promote your music without using the internet.

Find Out Where Your Fans Hang Out and Take The Promotion To Them

Promoting yourself and your music is all about finding your target audience and getting their attention. Online, it’s easy enough to post a picture or hashtag to connect with people, but offline promotion means figuring out where your fans spend time and catching their attention there. Are your fans mainly students? Put up flyers around local campuses and get connected with the college radio station. Do you get a bigger crowd at certain bars or restaurants? Talk to the managers and see if you can get a regular gig. It’s all about getting your music to the people who already love it and the people who just haven’t heard it yet.

Get Friendly With Your Local Record Store

Stop by local record stores and see if they’ll let you put up posters or stickers. Ask an employee if they’re willing to play your music in the store. Lots of people pay attention to what record stores deem good enough to play in the store; why shouldn’t it be your music?

Reach Out To Local Press

National magazines and huge websites aren’t the only media outlets with influence. Many people look to hometown magazines, TV stations and radio shows for information, especially when it comes to local entertainment. Make a list of local publications, stations and blogs, then start contacting people. It’s easier to get national press when you already have local publications standing behind you.

Get Creative With Your Flyers

Before the internet, most local music promotion was done with flyers. They are still a great promotional tool, but try getting a little creative with them. Put a tear-off strip at the bottom of your flyer. Fans can tear off a slip and, if they bring them to a gig, get a free sticker, button or other inexpensive merch item.

Play Some Free Shows

Yes, it can be painful to give up a night of making money off a regular show, but free shows are a great way to find new fans while you’re putting your music out there. Plus, in an age of high service fees for online tickets, playing free shows brands you as a cool, down-to-earth artist.

The internet is a great tool for spreading your music, but nothing can beat some good old fashioned face-to-face interactions. It can connect you to your audience and help distinguish you from other artists, so get out from behind those screens every once in a while and take your music directly to your fans!

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